United Delivery Mission is a non profit initiative that supports Ukrainian Military Forces with various supplies.

Our guiding principles

Targeted and validated deliveries only

10 days from request to delivery (typically 5-7 days)

Absent or minimal overheads

Transparency, reporting to supporters

What we have done so far:

Delivered 232 cars to the front line. All of them are specially requested and sent to a specific location. The list of cars delivered can be found here.

Sent equipment worth up to 2 000 000€. It includes the cars, medicines/medical equipment, drones, tools, tactical equipment, food etc. All of it is specially requested and nothing goes to waste.

The list will grow and we won’t stop delivering until it all ends!

Why we do it 

Ukraine was attacked by Russia and is bravely defending itself. We need to support initiatives of arming Ukraine against the invaders and helping it with mobility.

One of the key issues in Ukrainian army right now is finding cars in big quantities for it’s mobile forces fighting on the east and south of Ukraine (where the main battlefield is right now).

We are running initiatives to supply SUVs and other equipment to the Ukrainian army.

This support is essential as many of the troops have suffered losses of equipment and central supply can be slow and limted.

We are able to quickly close a specific demand of a given brigade/regiment in vehicles to continue fighting and not bother where to find the reliable cars.

The Team

Roman Khlibun - Ukraine

UDM: Everything in UkraineNormal life: Business expansion manager@ Civitta

Oleksandr Volik - Ukraine

UDM: Local coordinatorNormal life: Strategy Consultant @ Civitta

Maksym Volik - Ukraine

UDM: Local coordinatorNormal life: "CFO @ ATP 0813"

Yaroslav Starodub - Ukraine

UDM: Local coordinatorNormal life: Entrepreneur, real estate developer 

Riivo Anton - Estonia

UDM: Fundraising, procurement, hustleNormal life: Tech investor @ SpecialistVC, Co founder @ Civitta

Hendrik Pindmaa - Estonia

UDM: Fundraising, procurement, logisticsNormal life: CEO @  MacoMed, World’s best furniture for medical institutions

Ivar Siimar - Estonia

UDM: Fundraising, marketing, partnershipsNormal life: Tech investor @ Trind VC

Liis Lätting - Estonia

UDM: Back office support, hustle Normal life: Office manager @ Bigbank, Member @ Estonian Defence League

Toomas Antons - Estonia

UDM: Fundraising, procurement, trailer expertNormal life: CEO @ Respo , World’s best trailers

Tarmo Avilo - Estonia

UDM: Technical support, car painting,  logisticsNormal life: Marketing manager @ Akukeskus, also known as "Mr. Battery"

Merille Hommik - Estonia

UDM: Problem solver - tactical medicine & artNormal life: Art history & art teacher, interior designer, artist etc. twitter.com/HommikM

How does it work

This a fully private initiative where all parties are working for free - all funds raised for the initiative are used to buy and deliver the equipment.

Quick and targeted deliveries with minimum overheads:

  We have the Ukrainian consultants of Civitta (the largest independent management consultancy in the Central and Eastern Europe) working on the ground to gather the needs from various troops (requests for cars and equipment).

  These requests are sent to Estonia where our team members purchase and pack items for delivery. We only buy requested items to avoid unnecessary spending.

  We usually buy 5 to 10 vehicles for each delivery. Once completed, the delivery is being sent to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Then the Ukrainian side is bringing it to the final destination. We have experience with deliveries by trailer as well as by driving to the border ourselves.

  The full cycle (from need identification to completion) takes about 1 week. We try to

send deliveries weekly.

We typically seek to buy cars with price of around €5k (around 15 years of age, with diesel engine - Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford and Jeep are the typical brands). However, some cars we have also got as donations. With technical inspection, repair, additional equipment and the delivery the total price of the car is around €8-10k.

If the delivery cost is not covered by donations our own team is financing the missing part so that delivery happens in any case and given regiment is getting much needed support.

Detailed reporting after each delivery is made to all supporters of the initiative (photos from the fields, list of costs).

The list of cars delivered can be found here.

How you can help?

Donate your car

Co-finance any of the future delivery missions

Donate military equipment or tools

Donate medicines/medical equipment

Send us good karma!

United Delivery Mission MTÜ

Registry code: 80610020 

Account: EE607700771007795362


Bank name: LHV Pank

Bank's address: Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn

Bank code: 689

E-mail us: info@uniteddeliverymission.com